The System/ Set up includes:


  • 5 x De-activated Laser Shotguns
  • 5 x Numbered mats for each contestant to stand on.
  • 1 x Electronic Scoreboard with realistic gun shot sounds
  • 1 x Clay Trap
  • 1 x Mini Marquee
  • 2 x Staff
  • 2 x Trophies for best male/female shot on the day.


How it works:


  • A clay is fired from a remote trap and floats similar to a Frisbee.
  • All contestants are lined up and fire at the same clay.
  • The laser from the shotgun hopefully picks up the silver metal strip around the clay scoring a hit (Contestants must aim the gun at the clay)
  • No Kickback is experienced from the shot gun but a realistic gun shot sound is reproduced through the score board/ Sound System
  • If a contestant hits the clay with their 1st shot then the score board registers 2 points
  • If the clay is hit with the 2nd shot then the score board registers 1 point. A decent shooter will get 3 points per clay.


The advantages of  Laser clays:


  • 5 Contestants can shoot at the same time, in real clays it’s 1 person.
  • No mess. With it being laser orientated then the clays don’t break. We collect them in at the end of the session.
  • Controlled Volume. Should there be any other events, pets, Livestock that could be disturbed by the sound of guns then this can be simply reduced to an acceptable level.
  • No Kickback from the guns. In real clay shooting the recoil of a gun can be quite harsh and cause bruising, these guns though heavy don’t recoil.



Perfect for Conferences, team building events, corporate days, product launches, weddings.

Area required:

With this activity a grassed area of 50 sqm is advisable.

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