From the original sketches to the design and final engineering, this totally unique and portable 4 x 4 course took 18 months in the making.


Prime Racing M.D. Nigel Kirkup was a 4 x 4 instructor in the past using Landrovers on a daily basis so this concept was a labour of love for him and the team.


Lightweight materials such as aluminium, coated wood substitute, logs and rocks were sourced to create a show-stopping piece.


Launched in 2016 the course has been a crowning exhibit for trade shows, conferences, launch events and promotions. The sheer scale of this course pulls a crowd very quickly.


With the course comes a selection of 1:10 scale highly detailed radio control Defenders which feature some of the traditional colour schemes as well as more up to date finishes. All vehicles have independent suspension, four wheel drive and off road tyres which are necessary to complete the challenge.


The object of the activity is to complete the course using skill and patience to negotiate the various Inclines, declines, rock and logs. At various points around the track are small obstacles which if moved or touched by the vehicle incur penalty points.


A beautiful High Resolution back drop of Glencoe in Scotland can be supplied with the track but at an additional cost this whole concept lends itself to be personalised with clients logo’s, Livery and messaging.


White interchangeable Defender bodies are available which again can carry logo’s and livery to customers requirements.

Course Dimensions:


Length 4.8m

Width 3.1m

Height from floor to Bridge 1.5m

Height of Track from floor 410mm

Power Requirements:


1 x 13amp socket

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